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Analyze your consumer’s sentiment

If you want to know how your consumers feel about your content, Bunker DB Analytics is perfect for you.

Using Machine Learning, we are capable of understanding and showing how your consumers feel.

  • Listen to what your consumers have to say

    Listen to what your consumers have to say

    A brand’s health is not only measured by the reactions of its followers, but by what they have to say. Through machine learning, our platform is able to classify every one of your consumers’ comments as positive, negative and neutral in real time, so that you may “listen” to them and make decisions taking into account their conversation topics.

  • Detect crisis on time

    Detect crisis on time

    We know that reacting on time to your consumer’s claims and complaints on social media is of the essence. If you don’t want these comments to lead to a crisis, our alert system is ideal for you. You just have to set the indicator that best adapts to your brand and done! Now, you will be always informed on what is happening, without the need for daily access to the platform.

  • Understand where your brand’s threats and opportunities lie

    Understand where your brand’s threats and opportunities lie

    Understanding what your consumers feel, not only means knowing if they are happy or not It is also understanding which are the topics on which you should take corrective measures and which are those that fit well with your audience. This is why we show you the most relevant topics of interest through simple graphs. Besides, topics are 100% customizable according to your brand’s strategy.

  • Favourite or conflictive?

    Favourite or conflictive?

    Whether brand ambassadors or conflictive users, Bunker DB Analytics gives you the possibility to highlight and select those comments and users you should follow up closely to consider in future brand activations.

  • We adapt to your country’s language

    We adapt to your country’s language

    We know that each brand and country has its own tone and language. At Bunker DB Analytics we work relentlessly to train our machine learning algorithm to provide the best accuracy in comment classification, considering each market’s language and idioms. Besides, if there are special words or expressions that you wish to consider, we can incorporate such into our algorithm to adapt to your needs. Forget about reading comment by comment, Bunker DB Analytics does it for you.

Analyze consumer sentiment in both your paid and organic content.

Through a powerful Machine Learning algorithm, we are capable of understanding and showing what your consumers feel about paid and organic content in your social platforms. Besides, through topics of interest classification, you will quickly understand where your brand’s opportunities and threats lie in order to take quick action, proving your consumers that you can understand their needs and concerns at any moment.



Save time by visualizing in a single platform, all relevant data for decision-making



​Establish the potential value and attractiveness of consumer segmentation, based on a broad knowledge of their profile, preferences and previous interactions with your brand.



Design and execute marketing actions with greater accuracy, economizing your efforts and significantly improving the results of your future interactions.

Get to know everything that Bunker DB Analytics has to offer.

Understand consumer sentiment

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