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Monitor all your investment in media and production.

We connect with the most popular AdServers in the market so that you can see, in a simple and integrated manner, the investment of all your digital media.

Investing your money and understanding its ROI has never been easier.

  • Tailor-made


    You will be able to customize what data is relevant for your brand and create completely customized templates, arranged by the data variables more relevant for your brand. If you are looking for something that fits your needs, Bunker DB Analytics will meet your expectations.

  • Unified data

    Unified data

    We know that not only every AdServer presents its data differently, but also that new data variables and ways to read it are constantly appearing. This is why at Bunker db we have worked relentlessly so that this is not a problem. We have developed a friendly and flexible UI, so that no matter the media, the information is presented in the same way. It will only take you to work a couple of hours with Bunker db to love us for all eternity.

  • Theme- grouped content

    Theme- grouped content

    We know that your brand has many things to say, and we also know that every piece of communication strives to achieve different objectives. This is why we provide a simple function for you to create theme-grouped content and therefore visualize in a central way, how every group is performing independently. Say goodbye to manual analysis, calculator and spreadsheets to add data from now on, Bunker db will do it for you.

  • We adapt to your country’s currency

    We adapt to your country’s currency

    See your investments in real time and in the currency of your preference. Forget about last minute spreadsheets to adapt the investments to your brand’s budget.

  • Friendly, evolving and clear graphics

    Friendly, evolving and clear graphics

    Through a simple iconographic system, we can help you see at a glance, a comparative view of how the main data variables of your developments are performing.

Transparency, Automation and Speed.

With just a few clicks you will be able to customize the information displayed, compare results between the different media, know where your best performance lies and especially understand where there is room for improvement opportunities, so that your brand can achieve all its objectives.
Visualize your investment in a simple and friendly way, all in one place. Through carefully selected and well-organized graphics, you will be able to see and understand everything that occurs with your paid media.



Save time by visualizing in a single platform, all relevant data for decision-making



​Establish the potential value and attractiveness of consumer segmentation, based on a broad knowledge of their profile, preferences and previous interactions with your brand.



Design and execute marketing actions with greater accuracy, economizing your efforts and significantly improving the results of your future interactions.

Get to know everything that Bunker DB Analytics has to offer.

Analytics in media investment and more

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