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Look beyond your own brand

If you wish to develop an effective strategy, you must understand what is happening in your surroundings, by comparing yourself to your competitors.

Understand how your brand performs in relation to your competition and stay ahead of their movements.

  • Understand your competitive market

    Understand your competitive market

    Digital strategies must always bear in mind what is happening in their industries. With Bunker DB Analytics you will be able to quickly analyze how your brand is performing against your main social media competitors. We show you the most important data so that you may consider what is happening around you when making decisions.

  • Detect the best types of content

    Detect the best types of content

    Your brand must stand out in the best way possible when reaching its target audience and that is why we have created a dashboard that allows you to understand which are your competitor’s most engaging posts, and therefore adjust your strategies based on them.

  • Stay ahead of your competitors

    Stay ahead of your competitors

    The only way of being a step ahead is understanding what strategies are being implemented by your competitors, in order to modify actions and gain market share. Try out our competition module; we are sure it will take you to the next level!

Analyze your competition and optimize your strategy.

Bunker DB Analytics allows you to analyze your key competitors in order to understand, in just a few seconds, how your brand is performing within your industry and market. With our module, you can detect in all your social platforms, which are your strong areas and what you have to improve in order to be one step ahead of your competitors’ moves.



Save time by visualizing in a single platform, all relevant data for decision-making



​Establish the potential value and attractiveness of consumer segmentation, based on a broad knowledge of their profile, preferences and previous interactions with your brand.



Design and execute marketing actions with greater accuracy, economizing your efforts and significantly improving the results of your future interactions.

Get to know everything that Bunker DB Analytics has to offer.

Analyze your competition and optimize your strategy

Request a free demo and you will understand why Bunker DB Analytics is an essential platform for your marketing team.

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