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Campaign Management

Set your campaigns and analyze their performance, consolidating the data produced in all your digital platforms and media.

Monitor your campaigns and their KPIs
in one place

  • Build tracking dashboards per campaign

    Build tracking dashboards per campaign

    From a simple configuration panel, you can choose the organic and paid content per campaign so as to have a unified follow-up of each campaign. You will have the possibility to create unlimited campaigns, categorize them by type and see which of them are active, therefore keeping you easily updated on their performance.

  • Closely track each campaign’s objectives

    Closely track each campaign’s objectives

    With Bunker DB Analytics you can not only track the general objectives of your brand, but also those of each campaign. You can establish KPI alerts for each of them and ensure that your goals are met in a timely manner. Don’t miss out on anything!

  • Create automated reports per campaign

    Create automated reports per campaign

    Report generation is also available for each campaign that you generate in Bunker DB Analytics. You will be able to generate your own templates, automate their sending to different user groups establishing the frequency and the period you wish to report on. In this way, your team will always be informed about what is going on with the performance of each campaign without having to log into the platform on a daily basis.

Analyze the performance of your campaigns in every platform and media

If you have different types of campaigns executing at the same time, through a powerful dashboard you can track each of them separately. You can categorize your campaigns by type, see which of them are active, which have been effective, you can compare them and quickly assess how they are performing according to your KPIs.



Save time by visualizing in a single platform, all relevant data for decision-making



​Establish the potential value and attractiveness of consumer segmentation, based on a broad knowledge of their profile, preferences and previous interactions with your brand.



Design and execute marketing actions with greater accuracy, economizing your efforts and significantly improving the results of your future interactions.

Get to know everything that Bunker DB Analytics has to offer.

Monitor your campaigns
in real time

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