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Compare your content and enhance your performance

Understand what type of content works better for your audience. Dismiss the hunch driving your choices and base your decisions in data analysis.

Perform A/B testing of your contents and achieve better results.

  • Cross channel comparisons

    Cross channel comparisons

    If you want to know which media is the one that better suits your campaigns, with Bunker DB Analytics you can compare content in different platforms, both social and paid media, and get the answer you were waiting for.

  • All the data in a single place

    All the data in a single place

    We believe that the best way to understand how your contents are performing is having a complete visualization of them. This is why our A/B testing module is based on a simple principle: show your comparative information in a single place, highlighting the best results among them.

  • Limitless a/b testing

    Limitless a/b testing

    If you work with many contents and different objectives, worry no longer. With Bunker DB Analytics you can carry out as many comparisons as you need. You just have to select which contents you wish to compare based on what metrics and that’s it! Your comparison will be ready in seconds, allowing you to make the right choice.

Carry out cross channel comparisons and optimize your contents

If you had any doubt concerning what contents work better for your brand, thanks to our A/B testing module you will have the answer. Save time while you analyze which content performs the best and focus on how to convert your data into knowledge.



Save time by visualizing in a single platform, all relevant data for decision-making



​Establish the potential value and attractiveness of consumer segmentation, based on a broad knowledge of their profile, preferences and previous interactions with your brand.



Design and execute marketing actions with greater accuracy, economizing your efforts and significantly improving the results of your future interactions.

Get to know everything that Bunker DB Analytics has to offer.

Carry out comparisons, improve your performance

Request a free demo and you will understand why Bunker DB Analytics is an essential platform for your marketing team.

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