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[Live] CEDU chooses us for its training sessions

We promote companies' digital transformation through Marketing Science

CEDU, Uruguayan eCommerce Chamber, organized several training sessions and we are speakers. Our topic is: “Marketing Science. How to bring science to marketing to achieve better results”.

The event had a hybrid modality, offiline and online events, and the session was given by our Sr. Marketing Scientist Santiago Decarlini.

Santiago emphasized the importance of human resources using their time to interpret data and not to collect it, “because that's why technology is for. It's important to apply the scientific method to marketing, get the predictive model to function correctly, and then perform experimental validation. When everything is validated we can implement the software”.

You can relive the full training here:

CUTI, Uruguayan IT Chamber, also made a recap of the event that you can read in this article

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